NPSC parents and guardians are an integral part of our Catholic school communities. Parental involvement in education has a positive and lasting impact on a child's success. Your active participation and collaboration with educators contributes to improved student achievement within our Catholic centres of learning excellence.

We appreciate your ongoing involvement, input and devotion to activities within our school communities.

Supporting Students With Special Education Needs In FSL: A Parent Guide

This guide has been developed as a way to help reassure parents that support is available so that all children can be successful in French as a Second Language. Here you will find information to support a positive experience in Ontario FSL programs, for both parent and child.

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Communication Protocol

Whom to Contact: Knowing whom to contact at your child's school (or the Board Office) is important in order to deal effectively with a concern.

First: Contact your child's teacher. Most situations are resolved at this level. Throughout the school year, take advantage of opportunities to talk with your child's teacher(s).

Next: Contact the school's Principal or appropriate Vice-Principal if a solution is not reached with the teacher.

Then: Contact the Superintendent of Education if the situation is still not resolved.

Finally: Contact the Director of Education if the Superintendent of Education is unable to resolve a concern. You may also contact the Board Trustee who represents your area if a concern remains unresolved.

Registration Procedures

To facilitate your child's registration, please provide the following forms and documentation to the school.

Please complete, sign and date the following forms where necessary:

  1. Student Data Sheet (Registration form obtained from Board office or school)
  2. Application for Direction of school support (Tax form obtained from MPAC office, Board office or school)
  3. North Bay & District Health Office Immunization Information Form (White Letter Form)

A copy of the following items are also required for JK/SK students:

  1. Birth Certificate or Birth Registration
  2. Baptismal Certificate (where applicable)
  3. Immunization Form (Yellow booklet)
  4. Health Card number

For further information on programs or registration, please contact the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board at 705-472-1201 or your nearest Catholic School

The Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board offers both English and French-as-a-Second Language programs designed to nurture each child's intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and physical growth. In our schools, children develop the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes toward learning that are necessary for the challenges of tomorrow.

We welcome both you and your child to the Nipissing-Parry Sound Catholic District School Board!